In english: SUPREME 10-ball CHALLENGE


Participate in Sweden's largest competition of all time with the highest prize money ever with a total pot of SEK 576,000* (approximately 57 600 euro) and guaranteed SEK 105,000 in first prize* (approximately 10 500 euro).

You collect points in satellite competitions for one year. We play 10-ball with handicap based on your Fargo rate. The 128 players who have collected the most points, based on their 30 best results from satellite competitions, qualify for the playoffs.

Supreme 10-ball challenge begins on September 1st 2021 and the finals will be held in August 2022 in Stockholm.

The organizer welcomes our Nordic neighbors to participate by arranging satellite competitions locally and thus be able to qualify for the finals in Stockholm. If you want to know more and are interested, please contact us.


After registration, you can play satellite competitions that are arranged throughout Sweden and hopefully all Nordic countries, every week. The start of the season is set to September 1, 2021. Your 30 best competitions are counted, so you can play as many satellite competitions as you want, wherever you want and all the way to the final stage of the season, which is in the middle of August 2022. You get one point to start, 2 points for each match won and an extra point if you win the satellite competition. However, you do not get any points for walk-over. Satellite competitions are played in single-cup, without ranking with a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 16 participants. Satellite competitions are held in at least ten locations in Sweden each week, so you will have many opportunities to collect points. You can arrange additional satellite competitions if they are not already in your area, then you will contact the organizer for administration. If any country wants to arrange more satellite competitions, please contact us. 


Cost of satellite competitions

For each satellite competition, you only pay table rent. Our ambition is to negotiate a fixed price for table rent for all participants. No prize money is paid for satellite competitions, only points.


Fargo rate

We play 10-ball with handicap based on your Fargo rate. Depending on your opponent's Fargo rate, distance and handicap will vary. The minimum distance between two players with a low Fargo rate will be 3 and the maximum distance will be 7. If players meet with a big difference in the Fargo rate, the handicap can be 6 before 7. Each match starts with a lag, then players use alternate breaks. You can see preliminary handicaps and distances on Fargo-rate's website. We will use the column "hot" as a reference.


Preliminary distances

No player has a higher Fargo rate than 475: distance to 3

At least one player has a higher Fargo rate than 476: distance to 4

At least one player has a higher Fargo rate than 551: distance to 5

At least one player has a higher Fargo rate than 601: distance 6

At least one player has a higher Fargo rate than 675: distance 7

The competition management will have a handicap committee. All players who have a verified (ie at least 200 measurement points) Fargo rate and have actively competed in the last 12-month period are based on the stated value. The committee will otherwise assign a Fargo rate based on the player's ability. The committee will review the allocated Fargo rate once a quarter. However, no verified Fargo rates will be lowered.


The playoffs will take place at the end of August 2022 over a weekend in Stockholm and include the 128 players (with at least 300 participants) who have the highest score value from their 30 best satellite competitions. The final game takes place with the same game conditions as the satellite competitions, ie with handicap, the same distances, single-cup and without seeding. With fewer than 300 participants, the playoffs will be held for the 64 best placed players. In connection with the playoffs, side events and happenings are planned. With equal points to qualify for the playoffs (for example, several players finishing in 128th place), the organizer will compare more historical satellite competitions for each player affected. The organizer thus looks at the players' results for the 31st, 32nd satellite competition, etc. until a decision can be made.

Sign up

Feel free to wait for your registration until satellite competitions will be arranged in your country.

Player license

The Supreme 10-ball challange is not a sanctioned competition, and therefore does not require a player license. It means that the competition is open to foreign participants, and we especially welcome our Nordic neighbors.


The Supreme 10-ball challange, its satellite competitions and playoffs will be administered via Cuescore. This means that you will need a player profile in Cuescore. Local and regional users will be granted the rights to administer satellite competitions.

Let’s rumble!